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Villain and Victim

If I told you to imagine right now, a person that has hurt you. I mean really did you wrong, you could think quickly on the situation. You probably have replayed it so many times, you know the time, the date, and the colors of your socks. See we can remember our wounds, because we identify with our hurt. It is normal that what affects us negatively, often leaves a mental mark. What doesn’t always leave an impression ,are the people we have hurt. You see if anyone has come to you, and tried to explain how you wronged them, before you were mature and ready to receive it, you shut them down. The reason is because we tend to better relate to being victimized. It doesn’t fit our self-perception to be the villain. The easiest way to become what you hate, is to hate. The longer we replay our past hurts, and focus on the villain that stars in our story, the more likely we cannot focus on the people we may have hurt.

The saying hurt people, hurt people ,is honest. Our wounds can blind us. That is why forgiveness is so important. It takes a deliberate effort to let go, but in that ,we can take accountability for who we have become. The hardest thing to do is to see ourselves, for who we really are, and it can be impossible if we are only focusing to accuse and blame. 

The truest account for growth, is when we can take responsibility, for all the roles that we have played in our journey. This includes victim and villain. With the transforming power of the Holy Spirit that is not the end. We now get to take on our new labels. Children of the most high God ! Redeemed, restored and forgiven. Romans 8:1 says, there is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.  

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