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Preparation for Purpose

Your pain is not in vain. I reflect on my life, and through all of the heartache at the most painful of times, I wouldn’t change much. I may have wanted to give up at the time, and even tried to, but I am stronger and wiser. Through God’s grace and mercy, I can now see that I needed each and every one of those experiences, to be who I am today. My failures and let downs were all preparation to a better me. If I had never been backed in a corner, I may have never known I had a mean right hook. If I had never become physically worn in the flesh, I may have never cried out for the restoration power of the Holy Spirit. I think about the story of David and how his preparation time was mundane. He was assigned to protect the sheep. No bells and whistles, just staying out in the field, day and night .

 He had to come against bears, lions and all creatures of the night. He didn’t complain, he worshipped God, and rejoiced in song, working diligently, to do what he was told to do. When Samuel had come to anoint the next king, Jesse didn’t even think of David. He wasn’t even a contender. All of the brothers got cleaned up, put on their best garments, and probably placed bets on who it was going to be. No bets placed for David. He wasn’t even asked to join them for dinner. Even Samuel himself made assumptions based on the appearance of the brothers. David was definitely underestimated. Like many of us, we don’t fit man’s description of someone that could be used for greatness. In 1Sam 16:7, God told Samuel, do not look at his appearance or his physical stature, because I have refused him. For 

the Lord does not see as man sees, for man looks at the outward appearance but the Lord looks at the heart. Maybe you have been under estimated, you may not have come from the right family. Man may have counted you out, but know that even in your hardest of moments, my God can turn it around, and use your weakness as your strength. Like David you have been anointed for greatness. Continue to do the work, give yourself to over to our Lord and Savior, and let him give you beauty for ashes.  

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