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Unpack to Impact

The definition of unpack is to remove the contents of, unload, to take something out of the packed container. Sometimes things can be packed so tightly that we no longer know that it’s there. We must confront our past to transform our future. This is not the most comfortable

 thing to do. We are the greatest justifier’s of our behavior. Undealt with emotions will erupt, causing emotional instability, if no deliberate attempts to search for the root issues. Do you have an addictive personality? Are the relationships that you find yourself in with controlling, and or abusive people? Do you suffer with feelings of anger,rage,bitterness, worthlessness and hopelessness? If you like many others are dealing with situation after situation, that provokes the same unhealthy response, it’s time to go deeper. 

 Get to the root cause. Find a trusted counselor. Start to journal. Self-evaluation is always necessary in order for true healing, but don’t stop there ,investigate your family history. Look for the commonalities. Are some of the issues that you are facing a pattern in your family? Things that maybe your mother, grandmother, father, or grandfather may have dealt with. Ask the hard questions. Continue the conversation to prepare the next generation for healing. Be transparent .Use your mishaps to teach. Our culture has taught us to keep secrets. What goes on in this house, stays in this house, many of us have heard. For many of us, that has been embedded for so long, that we need retraining. There may be secrets so deeply buried, that we have even hidden them from ourselves. In order to make an impact on our future generations, and live out the life that we have always been meant to live, we must confront our truth.

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