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Don’t be afraid to outgrow the old

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

Every living breathing being is meant to grow and when not allowed to grow it begins to deteriorate. It can be difficult when those who we’ve started with no longer can help is grow they start to hold us back. It is apart of our survival we either grow and go or stay and wither. When you have outgrown people place or things , what may have once nurtured you can also become poison. The pain of leaving the familiar can b great but nothing brings more pain then letting our purpose die to stay comfortable. If you are ready to take the leap Redefined Unlimited Executive Coaching Firm is here for you. Our coaches specialize in helping natural born leaders Reclaim their Power and Reconnect to their Divine Identity.

#BecomingTheFirst #LeavingTheFamiliar #BreakingBarriers #TakingtheLeap

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