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Updated: Jul 6, 2022


The process to becoming the greater you can be grueling although ultimately rewarding. It takes a grit to stay the course of challenging your limited beliefs & break alignment with every person , place or thing that has been zapping your energy. This isn't for the faint of heart or the performance driven but the intention and committed purposeful individuals. And if you are just starting your self-discovery process or have been on the journey for a while , know that you're amazing! Always remember when it seems the hardest, you're not falling apart but transforming into the truest version of you. Even when no one else applauds ignore the temptation to downplay your inner work. Learn to celebrate every step and the courage it's taken to walk the path of pushing past resistance. Confidence is not perfection but trusting yourself more than anyone who doubts you- even when that person is you .You matter and what you think, say and do make an impact . The world needs your light .Be unapologetically YOU as you walk in your gifts , power and purpose . We all have a responsibility to stand in our truth telling our stories fearlessly as examples of what is possible when we heal ourselves .

When we become students of our own lives , we teach others too.

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