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Unplug to Connect

We live in an over stimulated society. Something is always in our ear, or we’re looking at something on our phone. The news is stating the new tragedy, and consumes us with worry and frustration. The demands of the job are never ending. In all this ,when do we have time to refresh our minds,our thoughts, and gain clarity? You may feel like that quiet still voice of the Holy Spirit, is getting quieter ,or maybe it seems nonexistent. We are so busy feeding our spirit poison that we feel disconnected, and don’t know why we are easily distracted when we are hear , or read the word of God. Every time we allow the daily grind of this world, to keep us from connecting to God, we are choosing to serve the enemy. The quiet still voice can’t be heard over all of the other  spirits that we have

 been digesting. Including the scandalous shows that have become addictive. Yes, I said addictive. We have to understand that our adversary seeks to steal, kill and destroy ,and he is sly and subtle. He won’t announce that he is distracting you ,so that he himself can gain your worship. That anger that seems hard to let go, or bitterness, could very well be caused ,by that scandal we watched, that contained a spirit that transferred. That gossiping tongue that you can’t seem to contain, is coming from a suggestive thought. We must stay covered in the full armor of God. 2 Corinthians 5 tells us to take every thought captive. We have to protect the doorways to our souls , sight, hearing, smell, taste,and touch. If you are reading this ,and you try to justify your habits of an ungodly appetite ,it may be time to fast ,by unplugging from worldly distractions, and reconnect to God.

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