We’ve all heard about affirmations. Using them sounds like a great idea, but how do you actually create an affirmation and use it to your advantage?

Affirmations can be a powerful tool to enhance your thinking and results. It might seem silly to listen to statements that you view as essentially untrue, but give it a try for a month and measure the results for yourself.


It can take time to see the benefits. A few days isn’t enough. Give yourself a full month.

Create a new life and way of thinking through the power of affirmations:


These recorded affirmations are a great way to help positively direct your thoughts and motivate you to make lasting change. You can just simply listen to them in the morning , at night, on your way to or from work or put them on during your daily workouts. Let's face it , so many things come to take our focus and stress can easily be compiled just by what we think. If we are not proactive we will not see the changes we desire. Why not try this simple method to help get you started on the road to greater success! 

Undefeatable Affirmations


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    If you are a business, academic institution, or faith based community looking to take your company, students, or members to extraordinary levels, Khaliliah is the speaker for you.  Through her high energy and transformational presentations she will challenge your audience to live beyond limiting mindsets, rise above their circumstances, break the curse, gain the victory, and become Undefeatable!

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