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Khalilah Johnson is an Award-winning Motivational Keynote Speaker, International Best- Selling Author & Corporate Trainer who's reached millions globally. With over 20 years’ experience as a Communication Strategist, she currently serves as the Co-Director of G.O.D.S.U Speakers Bureau ,is a Licensed Interfaith Chaplain, and an Ordained Christian Minister.

She is the CEO of Redefined Unlimited Executive Coaching Firm, Brazen Nation Media Digital Marketing Agency & Founder of 'Undefeatable University' an Online Self Development Community. ​Khalilah is also a celebrated author, having published three books. Her first book Undefeated: Broken into Purpose, is her memoir and shares the inter-generational abuses within her family. Her second book, Reclaim Your Time, Mind, & Money: 5 Keys to Get Back Your Generational Inheritance, is a short eBook that helps the reader recognize the patterns of striving due to the accusations that come from painful experiences. Her third book is entitled, Speak Your Way to Success, an international Best Seller she co-wrote. She is currently working on 3 books to be released this year.
She has shared countless stages with many of today’s top thought leaders, including the late Honorable Elijah Cummings. This January she gave a Keynote for Blue Shield California Dream ERG for (A.C.E.) Adverse Childhood Experience Awareness.

​As an Inter-generational Trauma Survivor, from adolescence to early adulthood, she experienced multiple forms of abuse that caused paralyzing thought patterns and an unforeseen journey into motherhood as a teen that exposed repetitive family cycles. Her desperation for change led her to her purpose and she is now dedicated to helping others break free from the bondage of inherited thinking.

Today, Khalilah has defied every odd, she now teaches women how to unpack their past to impact future generations, to leave a legacy of rewards and not the burden of war. A multi passionate and talented youth advocate, workshop facilitator and gifted storyteller she empowers audiences of all ages. She is also a powerful poet, actress and media personality.

Khalilah gives tools and action steps to continue the conversation for healing and wholeness with strength and established boundaries. She is bold and brave when encouraging others to investigate family history to identify and confront dysfunctional patterns.

​A survivor who knows how to sell others on themselves and master the mental momentum it takes to turn resistance into resilience, and disadvantages into advantage.
She passionately teaches Natural Born Leaders, How to Regain Their Power after Trauma, by Rediscovering Their Divine Identity, .

She has over 25 Certifications in Trauma Support and Resilience, Applied Psychology, Compassion Fatigue, Diversity & Inclusion, Mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence, N.L.P., Stock Market Trading, Digital /Content Marketing & Life & Business Coaching.

In 2015 she became an internationally recognized online radio host of " Broken into Purpose" with over half a million weekly listeners after 4 short months. In the same year she was offered 2 other shows she hosted simultaneously.
As of 2018 Khalilah was accepted into the exclusive mentorship ‘Woman Who Shape Our World' ,of world renowned, International Best-Selling author and Global Ambassador, Dr. Cindy Trimm.

Khalilah has been featured on Fox, CBS, NBC News , Chicago Tribune & most recently, International Magazine, 'Empower U.' This coming May, 2021 she will be awarded with one of the highest recognition's of achievement, an Honorary Doctorate of Philosophy.
As a globally celebrated author Khalilah has used her story to demonstrate the power of a transformed mind , ridiculous faith and radical obedience.

Known for her magnetic energy and gift to shift atmospheres, she effortlessly ignites audiences to become fearless rebels against cultural conditioning, and dysfunctional norms. To reclaim their time , mind & money , & show up in their authentic power, unapologetically!

​As a Corporate Trainer she offers practical steps to help organizational leaders create Trauma Informed workplaces and employees reduce stress from burnout , secondary & primary trauma and compassion fatigue. Her training includes experiential processing, and transformation techniques that assists leaders and employees in resolving symptoms of compassion fatigue, as well as developing resiliency skills and practices that prevent symptoms in the future.
Celebrated for her thought leadership ,selfless advocacy and innovative contributions to society, Khalilah is said to be 2021's top Women you want to know.

A popular speaker with a huge following, Khalilah is known for empowering others to transform into the best version of themselves and leave a lasting legacy of being invincible. Her vision is to lead others through forgiveness, repentance, and to become people who change the world.

Educational Training Facilities:
• Liberty University
• Florida State University
• North Western University
• Global Oved Dei Seminary University
• Trauma Institute International
• Baltimore City Community College
• Baltimore County Community College
• Digital Marketing Institute
• American Marketing Association
• The Academy of Modern Applied Psychology
• Destiny Academy
• Transformation Academy
• Headgear Labs
• Google Garage
• HubSpot
• New Skills Academy
• The Priority Academy

Five Star Reviews

AMAZING Inspirational Speaker

Khalilah spoke at my MLM Master Class virtual event on August 1st and was such as joy to have as a part of the event. Khalilah's energy was so positive! She lit up the room and left everyone in the class, including myself, incredibly inspired and motivated. Would highly recommend working with her and hiring her for any event!

  • Reviewer: Kirsten Dunn

  • Event Date: August 1st, 2020

  • Services Provided: Christian Speaker, Motivational Speaker

  • Rating: 5 out of 5

Relevant, Engaging, and Compassionate Group Facilitator

Mrs. Khalilah Johnson facilitated several groups with my clientele who are parenting or pregnant young adults in the foster care or juvenile justice system. The youth felt heard, respected, supported, and enlightened about future opportunities. They felt significant and that their voice was vital in our society. I highly recommend the services of Mrs. Khalilah Johnson.

  • Reviewer: Gary Jones

  • Event Date: July 28th, 2020

  • Services Provided: Author, Business Motivational Speaker, Family Expert, Leadership/Success Speaker, Motivational Speaker

  • Rating: 5 out of 5

Powerful Speaker!

We brought Khalilah Johnson to speak at our conference and she was amazing! She had the audience engaged and attentive. I highly recommend you seek her out.

Daniel Gomez
Award-Wining Keynote Speaker and Event Planner

  • Reviewer: Motivition One

  • Event Date: July 24th, 2020

  • Services Provided: Business Motivational Speaker

  • Rating: 5 out of 5

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