Life & Relationship Coach

As a Christian success coach I strongly believe that God created each of us to accomplish great things.  However, sometimes we need a little push.  Just like the individual aspiring to lose weight or get physically fit will utilize a personal trainer, so should the individual seeking to take their personal development to the next level.


Seeking advice from a Life Coach is essential to anyone who desires to live a successful life. Even in sports, a coach can see what the player can’t; therefore, a successful player is the result of a great coach. Life Coaching will provide you with a positive and motivational voice of reason. You will have help dreaming, believing and achieving. Together, we will identify your gifts, set goals, make a plan, and take action. I will also hold you accountable along the way.


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Business Meeting

If you are a business, academic institution, or faith based community looking to take your company, students, or members to extraordinary levels, Khaliliah is the speaker for you.  Through her high energy and transformational presentations she will challenge your audience to live beyond limiting mindsets, rise above their circumstances, break the curse, gain the victory, and become Undefeatable!

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