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Increase in Gratitude

right now. That difficult co-worker, believe it or not is developing the patience it will take for that next level growth. Let it be a training tool instead of a hindering block. We were created for worship. Praising God can change the atmosphere in any environment. It changes us, to know that the power in praising and appreciating life as a gift from God will spill over into every area of our lives. Being grateful is not only an atmosphere shifter, it is a weapon against depression, sadness and despair. Praise God like your life depends on it, because your future does. Change your perception.


Thou art my God, and I will give thanks to thee; thou art my God, I will extol thee.

Psalms 118:28

It may seem like the last thing you may want to do is give thanks, when all you can see is one bad thing after the other. It can become so overwhelming when the storms are hitting left and right. I understand, no one can say that they don’t, but what you must know is that the very thing that you focus on, you increase in. So if lack, is the only thing you can think about, it may be all that you will continue to see more of. We may take the very breathe we breathe for granted, but someone at this very moment is struggling for oxygen. This may take some practice, but try being grateful for every experience, good or bad. Every single difficult moment is creating in you endurance and resilience. If not for the challenges of life, you may have not had the skill to get through the obstacle you’re in

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